Beijing comprehensive screening WeChat of primary and

It is reported, on January 29, the Beijing municipal education commission anno

unced on the strengthening of primary and secondary schools APP account management, Internet groups, the p

ublic notice.Notice requires that each area should be used in middle and primary schools in the March 1 APP, We

Chat group, QQ group, and WeChat public number, a comprehensive checking twitter accounts.

Notification requirements, once found in the process of trying to contain p

ornographic violence, online games, commercial advertising content and link

s, such as using chaozuoye, make of exams, reported scores ranking exam-oriented education means such as inc

reasing student schoolwork burden, dissemination of illegal information, and other unfavorable to students’ healthy gro

wth problem, should immediately stop using, uninstall the APP, unsubscribe business group, dissolution, can

cel the attention or cancellation of public accounts, to report suspected of illegal network information management and

the public security departments for investigation.At the same time, and school districts to adopt a variety of ways to

remind parents carefully install and use the APP for primary and middle school students.

Notice is put forward to build system of double review of them APP, first choose r

eview carried out by the school, again by district education commission for the reco

rd review.Enter the campus of the APP to service education teaching effectively, cont

Rumours!Fina decided that sun, sun lawyer statemen

Mr.zhang qihuai Beijing lanpeng law firm lawyers in accordance with law, accepts The commission of The sun, on January 27, 2019, The British Sunday Times The Su

nday Times on sun in violation of The regulations on The world anti-doping inaccurate reports, face a lifetime ban formally lawyer statement is as follows:

Sun data figure photography: ping

Late on September 4, 2018, three IDTM company staff to sun shelter to race against the doping test, the whole ins

pection process there are a number of irregularities: first, including blood test officer, urinalysis officer, three workers ar

e unable to provide IDTM company for the inspection of authorization files;Second, blood test and urine test of

ficer are unable to provide the anti-doping prosecutors qualification ce

rtificates, and blood tests can’t provide the nurse practice certificate;Third, the three crew members in the inspection re

port false statements, malicious invention sun in violation of the fact that the world anti-doping regulations.

Then IDTM company will be three workers false report submitted to fina.On No

vember 19, 2018 fina in lausanne, Switzerland on the matter for 13 hours of he

aring, the lawyers attended the hearing, sun, sun and IDTM company evidence accepted asking per capita.On Ja

nuary 3, 2019 fina decision, cognizance sun there is no violation of the world anti-doping regulations.

Qatar announced that provide humanitarian aistrip.

Xinhua gaza in January 25 (xinhua Yang Yu

anyuan Zhao) Qatar officials announced 25th in the gaza strip, Qatar will put the original plan for the Pal

estinian islamic resistance movement (hamas) of $15 million for humanitarian projects in the gaza strip.

Qatar reconstruction committee chair

man Mohammed armadillo day in the gaza strip, said at a news conference h

eld in the gaza strip, hamas leaders tell Qatar, hamas refused to accept the assistance by Israel’s conditions, so de

cided to cooperation and coordination with the United Nations, using the money for humanitarian projects in the gaza st

rip, including helping poor families, improvement and development of power grid, temporary employment plan, etc.

Armadillo, said the main purpose of Qatar’s aid is to improve the living con

ditions of people in the gaza strip and humanitarian problems.

Qatar had planned to the assistance provided to hamas, but the Israeli side on the grounds that the security situation in t

he gaza strip tension transfer delay the money.According to Palestinian media, armadillo 24 arrived in ready to transfer

money to hamas in the gaza strip, hamas, says because Israel refused “extortion”, the group refused to accept the money.

Handan lost boy’s death Blue sky rescue team pla

Hebei handan guangping 4 xiaoyu (a pseudonym) and wavelet (a pseudonym), 6, lost in the message, since January 23,

brush screen in the locals circle of friends.After the incident, the two ch

ildren’s family entrust others undertakes putting “, “said 23 around two o ‘clock in

the afternoon, two children together in guangping Jin

Zhuang village west in play, more than 4 PM in the day, the parents found the missing child.Family members say, the ch

ild lost after they have been looking for, hope that the man took the child and contact them.

North green to the reporter understands, called the police after children lost their fam

ilies.Then, the local police, fire and rescue teams to participate in without

the blue sky.Participate in putting the blue sk

y rescue team, said they received notice, 23 afternoon arrived at the scene after the accident found pollution-pr

oducing heavy there is a river, “the river is n

ot frozen, the day we had speculated that children may be falling overboard, began to search in the w

ater.”On January 24th noon, rescuers said, one of the children were water, “but

there is no signs of life”.Then, on the ev

ening of 24, another child’s body was also found that “the two children were drowned.

Rescuers said that seen in cases of them to participate in the rescue, golden time

is 10 minutes of swimmers, “or someone a

t the scene saw, can rescue immediately.Otherwise, drowned the

possibility is very large.”In addition, r

escuers warned, part of the river channels of thin ice in winter, or have

porosity will not be frozen solid, some c

hildren or adults don’t know the situation, to walk on the ice, playing,

fishing, some even drive up to play, it is ea

sy to produce risk.”To remind parents to look after their children, don’t let the

children close to the dangerous waters.”

Pay tribute to veterans nowitzki was invited to all

Figure: dirk nowitzki use trademarks “leg” in the game.DiaoHaiYang perturbation

Saturday, according to NBA China’s official website on lone ranger nowitzki has been

invited by alliance, charlotte will attend this year all star 3 point shooting contest.

Nowitzki selected by the bucks since 1998 in the first round of line 9, immediately aft

er the transaction to the lone ranger, has been playing for the team today.This season, is nowitzki 21 NBA se

ason.Effectiveness for 21 consecutive season with the team, also broke the NBA record kept by kobe Bryant.

Dirk nowitzki personal career as much as 38.2% from three, hit 1930 three points, ran

ked 11th in history.This entry will be nowitzki career three points 6 times to pa

rticipate in the competition, three points in 2006, he won the contest.

This season, has 41, dirk nowitzki playing time is limited, averaging only 3.8 points an

d 1.8 rebounds and 0.4 assists.While the data is not bright eye, but that does n

ot prevent him came to Washington at the invitation of the alliance, the three series.

Sun Nan’s daughter born to her ex-wife attends a school with

In recent days, there has been a heated discussion on the Internet about Sun Nan and his ex-wife’s purchase of Hongmei’s eldest

daughter to attend a school in Xuzhou. Tucao points mainly around the school without school qualifications, teachers no teacher qualification certif

icate, the diploma issued by the school does not admit that children can not take part in the college entrance ex

amination after graduation, the new curriculum involves the community’s controversial “female virtues” and so on. Because Sun Nan’s family members are more complex now, it is the second ma

riage to reorganize the family. The marriage between Pan Wei and Sun Nan is what happened in Sun Nan’s marriage with Buying Red Girls. For those who dest

roy other people’s families, public opinion has been more critical. So Sun Nan and the eldest daughter of Mai Hongmei were sent to the school to study. Pan

Wei was criticized on the Internet. Some netizens even called her the modern version of Xiao Qin.

Who is Xiao Qin? Xiao Qin is the stepmother of Gu Tingye, the hero in Know or Not. The stepmother was very go

od to her own son and was very good at planning, hoping that he would succeed to

the title in the future. Xiao Qin was not sincere to the other two stepsons. He separated Gu Tingye’s elder brother and de

stroyed his body. He slaughtered Gu Tingye and seemed to be responding to his demands. In fact, he climbed high and fel

l miserably. On the surface, Xiao Qin was a good man, until Gu Tingye grew up and touched a nose grey before he rec

ognized Xiao Qin’s true face. Would it be too much for netizens to compare Pan Wei to Xiao Qin?

Netizens believe that Pan Wei’s own daughter went abroad to study in aris

tocratic schools, and sent her daughter to a school where she could not even take the college entrance ex

amination. It is doubtful that her motive is pure. In fact, the eldest daughter of the girl who bought Hong Me

i had studied well in Beijing, but she did not like the atmosphere of the school to p

lay games every day. Pan Weicai suggested that the children go to Xuzhou to study. Pan Wei moved his family to Xu

zhou for the sake of children. He lived in a house with 700 rents a month and cooked for his children every day, which is f

ar from the rich life in Beijing. And the effect of school is obvious to all, the children are obviously obedient.

Pan Wei’s conscience is painful, but after all, it is stepmother’s identity and the ma

rriage of buying a red sister that is directly destroyed. So how can she use her

conscience painfully, she can’t stop the leisurely public. After all, stepmother’s identity originally makes pe

ople unhappy. Stepmother is difficult. Xiaobian thinks that he should go his own way and let others talk about it.

Sun nan couple “mencius’s mother three times”, reveali

  Sun nan recently wife Pan Wei accepted an interview, in an interview how we

conceive of the husband and wife shall have the update.Their way of life with the majori

ty of the entertainment industry is different, really insipid and rich.

  Actually Pan Wei is sun nan’s second wife, buy red sister sun nan ex-wife is mainlan

d comedian.Remember the sun nan and buy red sister has spread the news of the marria

ge, but was denied by the parties.But with one ins

ider said two people break up already.In May 2

011, when two people together in agent wedding, force to break the breakup rumor

s.But in the same year in September Pan Wei Sun Nansheng under a daughter.

  Emotional experience ups and downs of sun

nan, appeared career crisis, has been spread sun nan smoking bad things becau

se of the Internet rumors, but sun nan to clarify many times.The birth of the little girl is

a spiritual gave sun nan, accompanied him had the lowest of his career.

  Pan Wei is also a second marriage, and the former also has a daughter, two people divorce, combining again gave the child the intangible.According to Pan Wei said in an interview, compare with the younger son a disgusted with big daughter, one for things are not willing to take responsibility, so talks with sun nan Pan Wei decided to the whole family moved to xuzhou, because the traditional culture of xuzhou has a long history school, they want their children to learn again, and change.

  The family in xuzhou to rent a house to live, 700 yuan, a month’s rent.A few mouth people lived in a house of one hundred square meters, the surrounding environment also is not very good, people have questioned the choice of two people, but the two people feel although environment, but the heart is very rich.Pan Wei open material wealth have experienced, but it is very spiritual void, although now life is very simple, very satisfied, but the heart is very dull.

  After a few children came to the new environment, also had the new change, draw and write instead of the game became the children’s daily.Like the sun nan, a way of life should be a handful of all entertainment.Showbiz star because of busy schedules and material temptation, heart is very impetuous, so just can have so many divorce, marriage and divorce.

Beijing police smashed 36 false dimple sites and landlords

It is reported that since January 13, Beijing police have launched a number of strik

es against counterfeit dimples throughout the city. Up to now, 36 dimples have been destroyed, 56 suspects have been detained, and more than 50,

000 bottles of fake Niulanshan, Yanghe and National cellar liquor have been seized. Police also reported that a landlord who knew the tenant had rented his

own courtyard to make and sell fake liquor was also criminally detained as an accompli. How long does it take to produce a bottle of fake wine? It takes less

than 10 seconds to rinse the bottle with tap water, put the bottle on the filling machine and start filling. A bottle of se

cond-filled liquor is finished. With the machine capping, sealing and labeling, it is ready to go on the market in less

than one minute. This scene happens when the police rush into a rental compound in Daxing Jinxing Village. 。

In fact, the nest was only discovered in October last year, when the police were foll

owing up on another case. However, in their daily work, they found that the small shops near the dock were selling fake liquor, all of which were high-end good

s. However, at that time, the police did not directly investigate and deal with it. Instea

d, they observed it, made a fumble, and then contacted the food and drug supervision. Staff members of the Auth

ority conduct joint investigations. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that a van would regularly bring boxes of fake liquor. Then the police monitored the van and f

ound that the van stopped under a three-storey dwelling in the urban-rural junct

ion. In the subsequent investigation, it was found that the dwelling was actually a fake liquor warehouse. When the time

was ripe, the police proceeded to collect the net and directly seized the fake Maotai and Wuwu. About 200 pieces of grain and liquid.

But in the subsequent investigation, we found a strange thing, that is, after scannin

g the two-dimensional code of the bottle body, we found that it was real wine, which made the police confused, but th

e boss confessed that these bottles were recycled real wine bottles, so scanning the bottle body would also be the information of real wine, and the bottle

would also give real wine gifts, we can say from imitation. The degree of truth is very delicate, and can be completely false.

Hyun bin denied sohn ye jin relationship, let me

Hyun bin denied sohn ye jin relationship, let me see the head unit holding hands

Recently hit a destructive hyunbin and lovely day in memory of the

alhambra.Actually the beginning is the can is

great to see, but always live in the memory of fierce

back and forth a few lens, can is a smile face.However, give play to chase down, screenwriter imagi

nation is enough big, lovely day also is very beautiful, finally had to sigh, hyun

bin, really how can have so handsome?

21 afternoon, hyun bin belongs SheFa denied with sohn ye jin is in love, said two people r

eally is met in the United States, because there is friendship, so in the meal

together, but love is not true, is with

familiar people, probably because of the two is so famous to upload photos.But

previously, hyun bin and sohn

ye jin was photographed in the supermarket shopping together, triggered a heated discussion.

To this explanation, netizens obviously is not, and they are fun, see you get marri

ed.And out of the original song hye-kyo

and song joong ki denied travel thing, and they that “we are not in a relati

onship, we are going to get married”.In short, it looks like everyone is waiting for marriage.

Speaking, hyun bin is a 36-year-old, Obama by handsome face when young attractive, mi

ddle-aged, temperament became a powerful weapons, deserve to go up is composed of face, a play has beco

me the focus of attention.Before and Qiao Mei spread gossip, but now Qiao Mei

married song joong ki, happiness, hyun bin still single one.

And sohn ye jin is the same age as hyun bin QinGu, male god goddess, unavoidably cause users to guess and doubt

.However, goodwill and ridicule are, say out everyone would laugh it off, but there

are always some atrocious hostile

rhetoric.You said the somebody else is double, is there any evidence, again say 9102, even if somebody else is, the som

ebody else’s personal life and you have to do.As eat melon masses, also want to eat

the melon has a moral right.

From the side, two people belonging to a comp

any is also a pr is very rapid, declare things quickly, don’t procrastination.Is in place to protect actor’s

public opinion guide, even if the last two people really together, it was officially announced that also is very good.

Again, two people perfect match, also with very, suitable age, experience

suitable, also showed why net friends for two pe

ople, so a group of people to move around a small wooden bench, waiting to see the

follow-up.But, words are so said, lookin

g at is build, the net friend is not the sense is too strong to say what too fierce.Just hold the eye of appreciation and

blessing, even if two people not together also want to wish them to find their own happiness.

He is the first drop of blood, the producers of the term

  Schwarzenegger in personal social post mourning Andy Vajna, believe a lot of frie

nds to see the name of the time don’t know who is Andy Vajna, but if talking about “first blood” and “term

inator” movie will be scrambling to speak, in fact, Andy Vajna are the two producers, unfortunately Andy Vajna died

a few days ago, so Mr Schwarzenegger said mourning said some what?

  Schwarzenegger post mourning Andy Vajna

  Read “first blood” series and “terminator” series of movies, will sincerely opinions, was shocked, and soft unfinis

hed, also want to continue to see the sequel to the series, and the producers of two series of Andy Vajna died,

aged 74, this news is really sad.As for Andy Vajna death is yet to be announced, but it is understood he is chro

nic patients, and cooperate for many times with Andy Vajna movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a social network dispa

tch mourning, said: “he proved not must has the support of large companies can make masterpiece, miss forever!”

  The Hungarian producer Andy Vajna

  It is understood that the Hungarian producer Andy Vajna is famous in the world

, he is one of the most famous producer in the world.As a producer, a total of 59 film is associated with his name,

including the familiar “first blood” series and “terminator” series, still have “total recall”, “special police judge”, “Eva peron

“, “die hard 3”, and so on.In addition, Andy Vajna helped Hungarian prime minister orban, victor to revive the dome

stic film industry, victor also mourn him on social media, says he is Hungary’s greatest filmmakers.